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Mission Statement: SCYN’s mission is to support through community collaboration quality drug and violence prevention strategies, programs, and activities for adults and youth.


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Welcome to South County Youth Network

SCYN Working to Keep Lights On After School

Thanks to the South County Youth Network, lights are being kept on after school to give local young people the opportunity to participate in a wide range of educational and recreational activities after the school day has ended. View full article from Mt. Vernon Voice 11/13/2013


2013 Science Museum of Virginia Junior Solar Sprint Winners
OVERALL WINNER – South County Youth Network

For Immediate Release
Contact: Burnette Scarboro | 703.586.8131
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On Saturday, May 4, 2013, team members from South County Youth Network (SCYN) traveled to Richmond, Virginia to participant in the 2013 Science Museum of Virginia Junior Solar Sprint.  SCYN’s car was designed and built by team members: Erykah Moorer, freshman, Mt. Vernon High School; Aaron Moorer, eighth grader, Walt Whitman Middle School; and their father/coach, Cory Miller.

According to Burnette Scarboro, South County Youth Network’s executive officer, “this project validates the talents and abilities that exist within our youth and families.  SCYN is committed to offering quality programs and activities that empower our youth;  promote STEAM (science, technology, engineering, [the] arts, and math); and developing a community of learners.”

SCYN’s team won in the following categories:

3rd Place Design Winner; 2nd Place Performing Racer; and Fastest Heat and Overall Winner – determined by the race judges.  Students received individual prizes and SCYN received a $50 gift certificate to “Shop 4 Science.”


First Books Announcement

2013-05 Program Picture

The shipment of books titled "Crush" and "Dumped" were given to participants who attended the Ladies in Focus event held on April 20th.

This event was held at the Gum Springs Community Center. View the sponsor letter that came from one of the sponsors.

South County Youth Network greatly appreciates all of the assistance that has been given by First Books. Please extend our thanks to the sponsoring organization who graciously pays shipping costs.